Answer to Samaras and Tsipras about their provocative references to Golden Dawn – Video

Tuesday, 19 December 2017 - 16:47

Golden Dawn responded to the terrible and provocative references of the two sold out Prime Ministers of Memorandum, Samaras and Tsipras who targeted the Nationalist Movement.

For the story, Samaras blew out at the congress of the political party ND, stating in front of the fanatical members of the party of the right-wing: "The Golden Dawn abased me, not the strangers!" And Tsipras ridiculous and stupid replied: "It is you that have supported Golden Dawn!"

The People's Association response was given to both through the Press Representative of the Movement:

"Golden Dawn abased Samaras because he was the mouthpiece of international usury, he conspired with the Zionist lobby to imprison the Nationalist Movement and mainly because he was dangerous for the country. As Foreign Minister in the 1990s, he was the first factor who permitted Albanian illegal immigrants in Greece. In exactly the same way that we abased Samaras, we will also abase Tsipras and every other anti-Hellenic government of the Memorandum and of impoverishment."