Alliance of SYRIZA-ND against Golden Dawn: Answer to their dirty propaganda! - Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 16 April 2019 - 16:00

Alliance of SYRIZA-ND against Golden Dawn: Answer to their dirty propaganda! - Article of N. G. Michaloliakos

The political rivals of GOLDEN DAWN keep the mass media in their hands. All the newspapers –which are already bankrupt, all the television and radio stations, whose debts reach millions of euros, all these media -with no exception- fight treacherously and antidemocratically GOLDEN DAWN, the Movement of the Greek Nationalists.

Ever since May of 2012, after the high-profile entrance of GOLDEN DAWN in the Parliament, for seven years there is a monotone monologue at media filled with insults, mendacities and calumniations against GOLDEN DAWN.

“They claimed at May of 2012…”

They claimed at May of 2012, aiming to reduce the rates of GOLDEN DAWN, that the vote was…occasional and coincidental! What are their arguments now, since this “occasional vote” lasts for the last seven years despite the persecutions, the exclusion and their tyranny, their junta against the third political power of the country?

Of course, there were some voices of reason, who did not hide the truth for the sake of propaganda and claimed that GOLDEN DAWN constitutes a political reality. In fact a former top minister of PASOK stated that GOLDEN DAWN is the sole authentic populist political party after the political changeover of 1974. Of course he was cannibalized afterwards.

In a recent interview at a television station at Northern Greece, there was a question about the reason why in European states like France, Italy and Austria the nationalistic political parties are more popular than Golden Dawn in Greece. In this perhaps irrational and misleading question I could answer through analyzing the political situation in these countries, which is completely different from the situation in Greece. Well, in Greece there is no other nationalistic party after the war than GOLDEN DAWN. And right now the Nationalists of Golden Dawn are hostages of a liberal fake Right, an opportunistic Right that never hesitated to proceed in coalition with the communist party.

“When they stated the persecution against GOLDEN DAWN, the rates reached…18%! 

Well, I simply answered that in these countries there is no witch hunting. In these countries there was no Samaras’ government and an entire conspiracy against the leadership of a political party, based on collective responsibility. And I stressed that when the liberal New Democracy started the persecution of GOLDEN DAWN, our rates reached 18%!

However, the dirty propaganda of SYRIZA and New Democracy, with the help of the occupied media, continues in many different fronts. SYRIZA persecutes mercilessly GOLDEN DAWN. They exclude us from mass media, they favor counter-protests and terror attacks and they exercise an absolute hostile policy against GOLDEN DAWN. In the same time, they are audacious enough to claim that we collaborate with New Democracy, the very same political party that orchestrated an entire political conspiracy and imprisoned us! 

The hatred of the members of SYRIZA, where most of them remain unrepentant bolshevists, knows no limits. In parallel, New Democracy has the audacity to accuse us of…collaborating with SYRIZA! In a question regarding the rumors and the filthy propaganda about a collaboration between GOLDEN DAWN and SYRIZA, I answered the following:

“They are calumniators and liars. New Democracy has become the political sibling of SYRIZA, since the liberals will respect the Prespa agreement, they voted along with SYRIZA the merciless memorandum and they also voted the construction of islamic mosque, facing the reaction of religious Greek People. Both of them voted the pre-trial detention of the leadership of Golden Dawn. New Democracy and SYRIZA are the two sides of a single coin. If Greeks want to resist the antinationalism, then the solution is Nationalism, Golden Dawn and not New Democracy”. 

GOLDEN DAWN: “Ill” for the ill-minded, who sell off our Fatherland and our History

Despite the above, they still have the nerve to claim –against reason and truth- that GOLDEN DAWN of Nationalists collaborates with SYRIZA, even though New Democracy never opposed SYRIZA the last years as the political opposition. If New Democracy wanted to overturn SYRIZA, she would have pretty easy, since the failures of SYRIZA were countless. Yet they did nothing, since the serve the same master, the foreign occupation, the globalization with the illegal immigration, the memoranda, the Prespa agreement, the gray zones at our Aegean! In reality, New Democracy waits patiently for the end of SYRIZA governance, in order to keep governing our Country in the name of all those who sell off our Fatherland and disdain the History of our Nation. 

Who is GOLDEN DAWN and who are all those who fight us in every possible mean? Well, GOLDEN DAWN is the Movement which constitutes the last line of defense of Hellenism against a governance enslaved to foreign interests, which has led our fatherland and our People in the current decay. In fact, at a question regarding the possible political alliances with the current political powers, I answered the following: 

“For us there is GOLDEN DAWN and then there is the party of the political parties. All of them have formed an alliance against us and there is no coincidence that they always vote for the waivers of immunity against the MPs of GOLDEN DAWN. We do not belong in their company, we do not belong in the system, we are the only authentic political power fighting the system and I want to denounce the ridiculous tactics of this old establishment, meaning the constant presentation in mass media of random “patriots” and “political messiahs”. Really, why all the above have so many chances to present their political views, while Golden Dawn has none?”

To put it simply: All those who are guilty for the downfall of an entire Nation keep fighting us, so we do well! We are GOLDEN DAWN of GREEKS: “Ill” for the ill-minded, who sell off our Fatherland and our History.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn