All speeches from the event in Euro Parliament for the declaration of the false state of Northern Cyprus.

Monday, 17 November2014 - 12:35

All speeches from the event in Euro Parliament for the declaration of the false state of Northern Cyprus.

With great success was realized the event with the theme, “Europe in front of its responsibilities: 31years from the declaration of the false-state” in the Euro Parliament. The event was organized by the Popular Union Golden Dawn in cooperation with the National Popular Front (ELAM), with the purpose of sensitively provoke the awareness in the European public opinion, about the Cyprus problem.

First spoke the Euro Deputy, General Synadinos Elefterios, who made a historical description of the past events of the Cyprus problem from Second World War till exactly after the invasion. Particular moment being the time he mentioned the vision of Greeks, of Greek origin and of Cypriots, for the unification of Cyprus with Greece.

Second spoke, the Euro Deputy General George Epitidios, who mentioned the events from the date of the declaration of the false State till up to Anan plan included period. He also spoke about the assassination of National Guards from Turks after the invasion.  With emphasis he declared that Turkey will not become a European Union State as long as Golden Dawn is represented in the Euro Parliament.

After him the podium  was taken by the Euro Deputy Mr. Labros Foudoulis, father of the murdered by extreme leftists co-companion George Foudoulis, who spoke about the balance of powers in the Eastern Mediterranean, which balances negatively for our side. Also mentioned the violations of Human rights in Cyprus, and in the end he read a very sentimental poem for the refugees.

After, Mr. Agelos Ioannou, member of the legal department of Golden Dawn, analyzed on the legal aspect of the crime of moving populations. As he mentioned epoikism, and its results, are illegal and for as long as it exists cannot be legalized under international law.

The speeches were completed by the Chairman of Nationalist Popular Front (ELAM), Mr. Christos Christou, who spoke about the vision of Hellenic Nationalists for the future of Cypriot Hellenism in Cyprus. He made a historical parallelism of today with 1912, when the representative of the time, to Barbaros, flagship of Turkish fleet, was defeated twice by the heavy warship “AVEROF”, declaring that then there was nationalist leadership which guided Hellenism to victory. In the end Mr. Christou called upon all European Deputies to participate in the anti-occupation event of National Popular Front (ELAM), on the 20th of July 2015 in Nicosia so they can present a message of resistance from the European last frontier against Turkish expansionist policy