Alexis Tsipras praises PASOK-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 15 September2017 - 19:59

Alexis Tsipras praises PASOK-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Golden Dawn: National resistance against the foreign occupation

The plan of the internal but also external “bosses” is the creation of third political pole, so that the future government will be controlled by them. Their plan is clear and they aspire to reinforce in every way PASOK, in order to control the political and economic developments. 

While the candidates for the new political party of the center-left side reach the ten, SYRIZA directed towards the voters of PASOK, with the article of the prime minister himself in a Sunday newspaper. In this article, there are hymns about the declaration of 3rd of September and praising words about Andreas Papandreou. More importantly, N.D. did not present a clear stance for this issue. But I had the chance to talk about that into the parliament. Of course, none of the big television channels broadcasted my speech, while there was no word in the newspapers. I present to you an excerpt: 

The statement of Gabriel and its meaning

“Another incident also took place, which was neglected by the media. It is about the statement of Gabriel at the German Parliament, that Schäuble insisted until 2016 for the GREXIT and thankfully Merkel saved us, since otherwise not Greece, but Europe, would be devastated. The exit of Greece from euro is a problem for Europe. Yet you do not exploit his fact and you constantly retreat. You lie to the Greek people, considering everyone too naïve. 

I would like, however, to refer to an article, written by the prime minister in a Sunday newspaper, with the title: “Was Andreas a liar?” The Prime Minister’s article took three pages. I read it carefully. There was no word that Andres was a liar. 

You consist the new PASOK and you admit it! In fact, regarding the accusations of laicism, the Prime Minister states that these accusations–for the fact that SYRIZA has the same goals as old PASOK- are welcome. 

Also, in this article, the prime minister mentions the 3rd of September, where hundreds of repressed expatriates had with PASOK the chance to fulfil their dreams. 

Which dreams? To get hired in the public sector? The creation of client state that led the country to the bankruptcy? And you prepare new appointments.”

“To SYRIZA: You are the new PASOK…”

Yet, the prime minister separated himself from the “heirs” of PASOK, mentioning the Simitis government and claiming that he honors the old PASOK of Andreas Papandreou. 

Until this day there are 8 candidate for the chairmanship of PASOK. Mayne we should add one more. His name: Alexis Tsipras! 

You are the new PASOK, whether you like it or not, with the confession of your own chairman! 

There is, however, something worse regarding SZYRIZA, the fact that it expresses only a dreary minority among Greek People, and if in SYRIZA they had any decency they would have been resigned, because they no longer represent the majority of Greek People. Your worse deed is not the fact that you ripped no memoranda, but the fact that you convinced people with this harsh policy to accept and bend the knee to the policies of memoranda.

Towards them all, who have accepted this antinational and antipopular policy, Golden Dawn vows the words of the fight and calls Greek People to resist for a new Greece, with no memoranda, no foreign occupation!”

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos 
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn