Alexis Tsipras:  “For the memorandum we will find a solution. Vote for us because Golden Dawn is coming”

Sunday, 14 December2014 - 05:18

Alexis Tsipras:  “For the memorandum we will find a solution. Vote for us because Golden Dawn is coming”

Even before the elections have started, Golden Dawn has become the only real national opposition.  The fact that Alexis Tsipras is not interested at all in canceling the memorandum is pretty obvious.  In light of the meetings he had with big capitalists and ship owners, it's very clear that Tsipras will be cooperative and that he won’t do anything stupid when he will lead the government.

For better or for worse, the international money lenders have decided to put him up as the next memorandum supervisor in which he will ensure the continuation of the memorandum policies. 

Lafazanis will speak but nothing will really change in order not to jeopardize the stability of the government. Whether the full accountability partner of Syriza will be Venizelos or Bobolas or both that will be decided by the...predominant amount of Greek voters. The one and only thing that Tsipras asks from this government is to vote for the new memorandum immediately so he will not take the blame for the collapse of the Greek economy and Greek society once he takes office. So because the memorandum will continue to exist in the following days, what will be the safety net for the new coalition government?

In what way will Tsipras coerce the citizens to vote for him?  Why to prevent the arrival of "fascism," of course!

Here is a small part of his interview from Alafouzos SKAI channel, "And if we realize that no value exists at all, the political system is fully corrupted and there is no guarantee that the political powers will remain stable, the whole political system will collapse instantly. Then in Greece it will be a dark day and the persons that they will recover will be those who are in between the parliament house and the Korydallos state prison. We cannot let that happen."

Amidst all his political delirium, Tsipras has stated a great truth. Now that New Democracy and Pasok are collapsing, Tsipras will immediately afterwards, along with other leftist political movements, strictly follow the memorandum and after that Golden Dawn, which represents the true interests of Hellenism, shall come onto the scene.