Alexis Tsipras ‘After us Golden Dawn is coming”

Monday, 16 February 2015 - 16:34

Highly illustrative and clear was the prime minister Mr Alexis Tsipras in yesterday's speech on policy statements regarding the political future of the country.

In an aversion of his speech he clarified to the false-right wing of Samaras,that he will never going to see the power again and he is on his way to the extinction. This is what happened to the PASOK already. Then he declared to any direction the obvious, that the next leadership will be the one of Golden Dawn's.

Specifically he said "for those who invest in a failure of Greece they have to know that they turning a blind eye. Any failure of the new government it will not open the door for their own return. They belong to the history already. History will judge them severely. In what they invest only the enemies of the democracy can favor, only to the enemies of the democracy can open a path both here and in europe. We have no right to let this happen in our homeland, we have no right to let this happen in europe also.

The phrase "enemies of the republic" is out of any commentary because the hatred of Syriza against the Golden Dawn is well known. The constitutional arc has no right to speak about enemies of the republic. because these are the ones who tolerated the illegal and anticonstitutional political prosecutions to members of Golden Dawn, they are the ones who tolerated the cut of the state funding, and the blockade of the third political force lawfully elected by the Greek citizens.

However we have to agree with Mr Tsipras despite his phobic reference, that after the distractous memorandum policy of the Syriza government Golden Dawn is coming!!