From Northern Epirus to Kallithea - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 19 November2018 - 17:30

From Northern Epirus to Kallithea - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

One more answer to the… supposed “friends” that do not “hear from us”

On Thursday, November 8, 2018, six kilometers from the borders, the blood-soaked land of Northern Epirus engulfed a hero, Konstantinos Katsifas. It is sad to watch the public life of this country, and even more sad when such shocking events take place and become discredited by the silence of a culprit and sinful political establishment. They are treated by silence at best, since the antinational voices are still there, and even though the soil on the tomb of the national hero is still fresh, they have rushed to sling mud at his memory. They say that he was crazy, that he was an extremist, and some strange leaks from the Greek Police describes him as a member of the underworld!

This is the country in which we live, a country dominated by those who hate anything national and who face with panic any Heroic action that is out of the rationale of their insolence and misery. They try to direct the interest of the people at the increases or decreases in wages and pensions, the Single Property Tax (ENFIA), the VAT and, of course, whether or not the party they worship will become the government, in order to appoint “their own children”.

These subservient people do not have time to think about those who think through history, those who overcome the yielding of today and see through the glorious past a brilliant future for the nation, beyond the rationale of “urbanism” or the notorious “Leftism”.

Thousands of Greeks gathered in Vouliarates and among them, of course, there were members of Golden Dawn, at least those who were allowed to go, because as it became known, there were many deportations of people that had nationalistic tattoos or were wearing Golden Dawn blouses. We even had deportations of the GOLDEN DAWN party officials, for whom the anti-Hellenic deep state kept files and their data were given to the Albanian authorities. This place was never devoid of traitors...

On Saturday, November 10, 2018, a team of GOLDEN DAWN comrades proceeded to a dynamic presence in the Municipality of Kallithea, handing out brochures in honor of the Hero who died for our Flag in Northern Epirus. The people received them with enthusiasm, but at the same time strong police forces arrived! Why? ... If they were some paramilitary “activists” who burn the Greek Flag, it is certain that the police would not come at all or would come with enough delay so that those “children of power”, who pretend to be “anti-authoritarians”, would have left taking their time.

And yet some still insist that they do not “mention something” from us. And among them, of course, there are the “patriots” who not only did not see us, but also accused us of not sending our representatives to the area of Vouliarates! This is filthy propaganda by some politically piddly people, who pretend to be the “saviors” and at the same time they are selling their merchandise, either literally or metaphorically.

Let those who do not “see” us know that GOLDEN DAWN is here, from Northern Epirus to Kallithea and in every corner of our country. It is here and it struggles, despite the fact that it faces unprecedented persecution and exclusion. 

Two MPs and one MEP of GOLDEN DAWN were present at Vouliarates at the funeral of Konstantinos Katsifas, and even though all the TV channels were there, not even one channel saw any of them...

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League – Golden Dawn