Against the janissaries and the subordinates! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 23 March2018 - 22:01

Against the janissaries and the subordinates! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, at the national newspaper “Empros”

This is the 17th day of the two Greek militaries being captive by the Turks, while in this antinational political and economic establishment, everyone agrees that this is not a…major issue! Two men wearing the badge of Greek army are behind the bars of a Turkish prison with the crescent moon flag, yet no one cares. 

And it is only Filis, but also from the other side, the members of New Democracy also believe that this is not a big deal. Same goes with the strong men of economics, who continue their business, reminding us the words of Pericles Giannopoulos, that ever since the City fell, the remaining slave make excellent businesses personally and mourn nationally. 

Nowadays, they do not even mourn, but they have accepted the hideous state of a humiliating peace, where they sacrifice Honor, Dignity, Homeland, Ideals, everything. Really, if the 300 of Leonidas, believed in that “peace”, then what would be the meaning of Thermopylae, of the battles at 1821 ant at 1940? But let us recall some things from the past.

At the year 2000, the professional politicians with their prime minister, Kostas Simitis, used to splurge on our national wealth, shamelessly. Then, in the year of the millennium, in an article with the title “Enemies of the regime” I wrote the following: “In this new world, the problems of Greece are more than dramatic. The Turkish threat, the collapsed economy, illegal immigration, criminality, devastation of the education, the corruption in the health sector and many other…”

We are now at the year 2018 and those thing I wrote 1 years back, constitute now the harsh reality, a reality that forces us to resist more than ever before, against the new janissaries of globalization, who aspire the annihilation of the National state of Greeks. 

Resistance towards the subordinates, meaning those who sell our country for their business, their personal benefits. Resistance National and Counterattack for a New Greece, for this is the only way, the only hope for our Homeland and our Nation to survive and keep our history alive.