A prosecutor’s proposal as a fiction- Article by Nikos Michaloliakos

Monday, 27 October 2014 - 02:00

A prosecutor’s proposal as a fiction- Article by Nikos Michaloliakos

746 pages full of contradictions and lies without any evidence. Triumphant reception of Ntogiakos’s proposal by the "pimps".

It was Thursday 16th of October 2014 when suddenly Prosecutor Ntogiakos handed in his proposal. It was a very "suitable" political moment and perfectly harmonized with the government plans. We should not forget that it was the day when the Greek Stockmarket was falling down, the national lending rates had skyrocketed and shortly the success story of the coalition government of PASOK-ND was literally collapsing. It was a prim for the "pimps" so as to operate a disorientation of the public opinion. So in no time, the "pimps’" TV channels having Ntogiakos’s photo started to promote abstracts of his proposal without any contradiction showing how democrats are our persecutors.

In reality it is about a fiction full of lies and contradictions with no evidence, containing generalities and fuzziness and striking the Truth and Justice.

As for me, the main charge against me is that I am the head of a "criminal organization". Let’s see what is referred about it in the proposal: "According to the findings, this particular defendant , during 1980’s, had formed in cooperation with other people, whose identity has not been revealed yet, the organization “Golden Dawn”, as a closed group and since then, until today, he participates constantly. The organization has reformed into a political party and since 2008 has revealed the special characteristics of a criminal organization."

From this abstract it is clearly shown the fuzziness, the sloppiness and the spiteful effort to accuse me with no evidence! It is referred that the criminal organization was founded since ‘80’s (when the first magazine Golden Down was published for the first time) and all of a sudden had criminal action after 28 years! Of course they know who were in Golden Dawn in the ‘80’s, since their names are in the magazine, but they do not deal with this issue, because they know that in case they search for proofs the indictment will be defeated. The references of criminal organization do not include the aim, the way of act, the time and the place of act of this organization. Yet, despite that this proposal which does not resemble in no cases legal document, has been transmitted triumphantly by the "pimps’" TV channels without giving us the possibility to give our respond to this political conspiracy through a representative. 

Main proof of my guilt is my public speeches. The three out of the five pages of this indictment referring to myself are dedicated to my public speeches! Typically I quote the following from the prosecutor’s proposal:

"d) On election night of 17-6-2012, addressing to the supporters of his party, after the elections results, he said: “We are soldiers, we are disciplined, we are members of Golden Dawn. You are like a disciplined army… I would like to thank the guys in black”. The same statement was repeated on 20-10-2012, during the Feast of the party’s youth at Goudi e) On 15-1-2012, during the event for the cutting of the New Year’s cake in the region Artemis of Attica, he said: “For the traitors of this country there is one mission, a destination, the guillotine” f) During 2012, in a pre-election rally of the party, at Kolokotronis Square, he proclaimed to the fans and party members “We will get to the elections. There will be our candidates lists at every electoral department of the country for the people to express themselves. By participating in the elections does not mean that we will change our principles…Entering the Parliament we will not change, we will not betray. If today without Immunity we can do what we do, getting the Immunity we will do much more.” g) On 2-6-2009, in Athens, Kolokotronis Square, in a pre-election rally “And when we become stronger, we will be merciless. If necessary we get stained, if necessary we are not democrats. For our homeland, because above all it’s the homeland. Neither the institutions nor anything else” h) On 24-11-2011, at the party’s offices “Not that I believe in the institution of elections. I do not pretend Democrat because I’m not hypocrite, but this is the only way to fight and thus we use it”.

Just from the last sentence of the quoted abstracts it is clearly shown that the struggle of the Golden Dawn was a legal political struggle, and as I always say “this is the only way to fight, thus we use it”. Just from the proposal it is demonstrated that it is about a prosecution aiming our moral, a political conspiracy which is staged by the parastate of Maximou and was fully adopted and fostered by the "pimps".

We know in which country we live in, we know that an entire system has turned against us, fighting us with unlawful means. We know that what is called Greek state is nothing more than a rotten "kingdom of Danimarkia" (Denmark) with a few corrupted families to rule the country in a gangster way and each one of them to have their own domestic journalists and MPs…

We are paying for the fact that we are incompatible, that we will not converse with the corruption and the intertwining. We will curry on our struggle being incompatible as a great poet had mentioned whoever does not make sacrifices for his Ideas either his Ideas are not worth or he!  

Comrades, we are still continuing our struggle from the prison cells. The prison is an honor for us.

Comrades till the end of the world, until the final victory, keep fighting. Flags High!

Nikolaos Michaloliakos
Political Prisoner
Korydallos Prison