A Political Conspiracy and the Hypocrisy of the Neo-Bolsheviks - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Friday, 4 August2017 - 09:56

A Political Conspiracy and the Hypocrisy of the Neo-Bolsheviks - Article by N. G. Michaloliakos

Last week, GOLDEN DAWN, and in particular my name, was at the heart of current affairs on the news on the occasion of a court decision and a SYRIZA press release. In particular, accusing the judiciary of its decision not to release one of its comrade, the "SYRIZA Department of Rights" issued an announcement entitled: "At the same time that the Mihaloliakoses get out, the Iriannas remain in prison." It is regrettable that from the beyond the area of GOLDEN DAWN, no one has taken a stand on these hypocritical and controversial claims of SYRIZA's neo-Bolsheviks except for a lawyer and a journalist!


They all know very well that the two cases --which  the "SYRIZA's Rights Wing" deliberately and with ample hypocrisy associate with eachother, which its been proven that they are conversing with condemned left-wing terrorists--have nothing to do with each other! Their "comrade" have been sentenced to a 13-year sentence by the Court of First Instance and yet they recognize the presumption of innocence for her even though and there is no objection to it.  But for me who has not even been convicted, not even at the first instance, this presumption they do not recognize. This is the reasoning of the SYRIZA neo-Bolsheviks concerning their idea of "justice" which is hypocritical and certainly selective.

In addition, for those who do not know it, I was arrested on September 27, 2013 and released on March 20, 2015 because of the statutory cap on custody detention according to the Greek Constitution (ie 18 months).  All the requests that I had made to be released from prison that I had made during these 18 months were rejected despite the fact that I was not just a MP but a head of a parliamentary party.  But my "imprisonment" did not stop on March 20, 2015, because within the restrictive terms of my euphemistic "release" was my own home confinement until February 5, 2016!  A measure that had never been applied to any criminal, drug dealer or bandit. 
After that, the orphans of Stalin, Mao and Trotsky come out and say, more or less, that ... we got special treatment (!), while they know very well that we have been and remain victims of a political plot, but from spite and hate they act like they know nothing. 


Well known is the case with the audio file in which Antonis Samaras is calling for the detention of MPs of GOLDEN DAWN. The case was brought to the Greek parliament and we formally asked all members to support our request for a inquiry committee.  Only one MP, namely Mr Nikolopoulos, responded positively to our request. In particular, we asked the Members:

"With his document, with a date of 06/03/2017, which was forwarded to the Greek Parliament, the Athens Prosecutor of the First Instance deems it is possible to investigate the possible criminal liability of the former Prime Minister Samaras for the act of provocation to commit a misdemeanor. (Article 186  2 Criminal Code), and in particular the fact that he urged judicial officers to commit a misdemeanor in breach of duty (259 CC). 

Because the parliament cannot remain idle in front of the facts sent to it by the Justice. Because Article 68 of the Constitution and Article 144 of the Parliament's Rules of Procedure provide for the possibility of setting up an inquiry committees for the examination of specific issues of public interest.
Because the competent Prosecutor has formally requested that the case be investigated by the National Delegation.

I ask you to co-sign the attached request so that a debate can be held in the House of Plenary as well as a vote on the establishment of an inquiry committee to investigate the specific issue in the matter of public interest concerning the meddling of former Prime Minister Samaras in the work of the Greek Justice Department. "


What's also known is the case concerning the Baltakos video, in which the then Secretary-General of the Samaras government, beyond all measure of doubt, revealed this conspiracy against Golden Dawn.  The matter preoccupied the Justice Dept. and Mr. Ilias Kasidiaris who was persecuted and who, then, was, exonerated!  Both the Prosecutor and the Appeals Council clearly point out that no investigation has been done, as should have been the case in the Baltakos video.  From the Prosecutor's proposal, which was accepted by the Court of Appeals, and the following we learn that:

"It is also true that neither the truth or the untruthfulness of Panayiotis Baltakos' allegations have arose which are contained in the disputed interlocutory conversation.  That is mainly because the inquiry carried out, apparently satisfied by the subsequent public disclaimer of the aforementioned allegations by the same person himself thad had out them out there, did not deal with that matter.   In our opinion, the said action by Panayiotis Baltakos, for obvious reasons, was both self-evident and expected, and, therefore, it is not possible to draw any safe conclusions from it.  Nor did it arise whether the matter was investigated in the context of another independent judicial inquiry ... ".

"The above-mentioned prominent government official (among others, P. Baltakos) did, among other things, accept and argue: (a) that the prosecution against the leaders of GOLDEN DAWN was orchestrated and directed by the then Prime Minister, through the Ministers of Justice and Public Order in order to reduce its electoral percentages; b) that after the order for non-detention by the prosecutor, in the absence of sufficient evidence, for the accused Elias Kassidiaris (and the co-defendants Michou and Panagiotarou), who were the first to give an account in court, the then prime minister, Samaras, chastened heavily the ministers of Justice and Public Order c) that, following this, the above ministers with unlawful telephone interventions to the agents of the Justice Dept. acted so that the following Golden Dawn MPs who testified would be kept in custody ... "

"The reasonable confusion created by the filing of the above conversation was also accentuated by the admission of the Minister of Justice present at the meeting that he did indeed have a telephone conversation with the then President of the Three-Member Board of Directors of the Athens Court of First Instance, where the investigators were serving."

As it is known, the Samaras government and the ministers who staged the political conspiracy against GOLDEN DAWN have fallen out of power and the governance of the country has been assumed by SYRIZA, who has ruled our Homeland for 2.5 years! 

If SYRIZA was really interested in the Justice, as he claims, he would deal with the case as he ought to. But it hasn't done anything and won't because the maligning and the persecution of GOLDEN DAWN suit its agenda because liberals and Marxists hate Nationalism. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of the People's Association - Golden Dawn