A march at Northern Epirus - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 22 November 2018 - 08:13

A march at Northern Epirus - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

“The cowards of the flatlands tremble before them,
and they call them  by sly names :Thieves, irregulars and traitors.
Among the bowed, few brave,
Among the asleep, few soldiers,
With black scarves on their heads…”

These lyrics of Kostis Palamas remind me of those who in hard times remain strong, the Soldiers of the Idea, who stay loyal to the Flag, even though the “quiet” people call them “extremists” and “traitors”. I recalled these lyrics thanks to this picture above the text. The picture of a march at Northern Epirus, with the Greek Flags, in the Honor of a Hero. 

Is there soul in a simple picture?  Of course, with no question! This picture illustrates the march of few people who dared to raise the Greek Flag and honor the memory of a brave man who died for our Flag.

The day of the funeral, none of the professional politicians spelled a word, a mere comment, or just condolences to the family of this man. But why? Maybe because of their guilt and their misery. Maybe because according to them Greece ends where their personal interests ends…They have to “behave themselves” and this is why the Greek State never honored officially Konstantinos Katsifas. 

Against to this submissive comportment, in the peristyle of the Parliament I made the following statement: “Today Hellenism mourns a brave man that died for a Greek Flag in the ancient Greek Fatherland of Northern Epirus. Shame on the Greek Parliament for not devoting a moment of silence in the honor of this Hero. Shame on this failed state that allowed the insult against Greek Citizens, from Albanians who forbade their entrance in Albania due to their Greek Flags. In the meantime there are hundreds of criminal Albanians in our Fatherland. Golden Dawn honored the dead Hero Konstantinos Katsifas and shall continue to honor him!”

Naturally, in this rotten society, no newspaper and no television channel presented my statement or noted the fact that from day one and not only once, GOLDEN DAWN demanded a moment of silence in the Parliament in the honor of Konstantinos Katsifas. On the contrary, in all these channels there were hideous statements about the existence of Southern Albania, not Northern Epirus! Well, who made such statements?  

Those who acknowledge the right of Skopje, a people who want our Land to call themselves “Northern Macedonia”, but do not acknowledge the right to Greek Patriots and Nationalists to call a land, a Fatherland filled with Ancient Temples, Byzantine Churches and tombs of Heroes as Northern Epirus.

On the contrary, in the official newspaper of SYRIZA, “Avgi”, there was the following article few days after the funeral: “A moment of shame: a moment is not enough to wash away the shame of the idiots who believe that with some far-right comments can lure the voters of Golden Dawn…A moment of shame for Nikitas Kaklamanis, who presided in the Parliament and demanded a moment of silence for the death of expatriate Katsifas, a man that with his gun attempted to dynamite the Greco-Albanian relations and the peaceful coexistence of Greeks and Albanians…A moment of shame for Nikitas Kaklamanis and Miltiades Varvitsiotis, who urged to adopt the proposal of Eleni Zaroulia of Golden Dawn for a moment of silence in the Parliament for the “murder” or Mr. Katsifas”. 

So, if we have honored Konstantinos Katsifas, it would be a “moment of shame”, since according to “Avgi” he was not murdered, he tried to dynamite the Greco-Albanian relations…They even question his “murder”! They have always questioned everything. We may not forget that for fifty whole years the bolshevists in this land praised the regime of the red tyrant Enver Hoxha, who tormented the Greeks of Northern Epirus. 

A picture equals thousand words and indeed this picture of the march to Northern Epirus, from Vouliarates to “free” Greece is an incident without precedent! And those who took part in it, holding the Greek Flag and chanting the march “I have a beautiful sister, her name is Northern Epirus, I dearly love her” deserve every honor! 

The mountains of Northern Epirus attend proudly this special funereal march, which omens a great Resurrection, the Resurrection of our Nation. Those who went to Vouliarates, those who held the Greek Flag in the enslaved land of Northern Epirus, those who defied a criminal state that murdered Konstantinos Katsifas, are our great hope for the future Greece. 

AT LAST they must realize it: in these obscure anti-Hellenic times, with Marxists or Liberals in power, there are still FREE Greeks, Greeks who dare and scorn not only the enemy threats but also the persecutions from this antinational gang who governs our Fatherland!

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s League-Golden Dawn