A Popular Greece of Nationalism against the numbers of the miserable people - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 21 August2017 - 15:14

A Popular Greece of Nationalism against the numbers of the miserable people - Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

GOLDEN DAWN will not get tired to repeat in any way that the crisis is first of all moral and political and secondarily economical. The great poet of the 20th century wrote that “usury is evil” and Alexandros Papadiamantis half a century ago had said that “plutocracy is the constant antichrist”. 

So, we are not surprised by the behavior of our “lenders”, because we know very well that for some people and religious doctrines, money, hoarding, interest, are not only social values, but also constitute a religious doctrine. It is about the protestant morality, for those who are unaware of. These are the famous “WASP” (White Anglo Saxon Protestant), this is Angela Merkel, the daughter of a protestant cleric, these people are in the treasuries of the immaterial money, and this is the reason why they do not have the slightest concern about the medication of the cancer patients, nor for the national defense of our country, neither for the constant rising unemployment and poverty. Yet, these are the strong of this world and could you ever confront them? You need allies. Do we have allies? 

“National sustainability not in a…logistic but in a productive base”. 

As long as Greece is a pariah it will not gain any allies, who will be respectful. Yet, those who hold in their hands the future of the Nation, try logistically to confront the bankruptcy, based on the fact that they govern a weary people, whose soul has no longer ideals and values! 

On this matter, the disregarded from the left side late philosopher Panagiotis Kondylis writes: “The SOLUTION of the national sustainability not in a logistic but in a productive base constitutes a condition for the exercise of serious foreign policy. The national reserves should be used with geopolitical and strategical criteria, not as “indicators”: 1% of the national income derived from the rise of tourism is not the same with 1% that derives from modern armament industry.”

His words are obvious. The return to the national production (national sustainability in productive, not a logistic base) are empty words for those who administrate the crisis in our country. 

When at 1903 Ion Dragoumis talked about the “globalization”

The skeptical man, with good or bad intentions, it does not matter, may claim that all these have no value in the era of globalization. In the modern era the “lenders of the kings are the kings of believes”. It is hard, of course. There is no doubt that sacrifices are needed. But this how the Nations survive. This how they right history, not with the submission and the apathy. 

At 1903 the great Greek Ion Dragoumis in the bloody land of Macedonia, as the consul of the country at Monastirion (which now belongs at Skopje and is called Vitola…) had been writing about the notorious globalization, which we now experience in a bitter way as Nation. 

“Against the tendency of cosmopolitism there is the movement of Hellenism and Nationalism. The contemporary civilization of Europe tends to be cosmopolitan. Most of the people follow this path. Others do not. What they do? They stay by themselves, disgusted by the mediocrity of the European civilization and cosmopolitism”. 

So, back to ourselves. These were the words of Ion Dragoumis, when he saw the unavoidable. 

When the real aristocrats left the palace in order to die to the swamps 

All these at Greece of 1903. That Greece was very different from the current one. Back then, the real aristocrats left the halls and the palaces of Athens in order to die in the swamps of our Macedonia. Nowadays, the “famous” fake aristocrats leave Athens, with drugs in their hands, for the clubs inside and outside of Greece, where they are selling out their soul, their Homeland, their consciousness. 

We line in Greece of 2017 and maybe the crisis is a solution, since the fairytale will end and this fake dream will turn (it has already turned) into a nightmare. Our notorious “lenders” demand everything from us. They demand our national identity, our Land, our Soul! Who can resist to their demands? To the demands of the notorious “globalization”, which aspires the disappearance of the Homelands and free men, yet desires an unshaped mass, a mass with no routes, a docile instrument to its plans. 

The so called venter-right and the liberalism according to the nature of their ideology, are not against the internationalist view of things, quite the opposite. Same goes with the marxist left side, which does not believe to the national state. Yet, the one side, like the other, cannot give a solution and the one and only solution is the Nationalistic Greece! However, that is not a small deed and her arrival will be prevented in every way possible. So, the upcoming battle will decide the future of the Nation. 

In the 21st century the dawn of a new world is unavoidable and in this new world GREECE has to exist. This is our first priority, it constitutes a doctrine and the most important duty against the logistic perspective of the miserable.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn