A great national rally against the terrorism of the antinationalists-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 29 January 2018 - 20:36

A great national rally against the terrorism of the antinationalists-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

People in Thessalonica Spoke this Sunday, in a clear and absolute way. Any compound name with the term “Macedonia” constitutes a treason. During the past week, there were many political movement who attempted to stop this rally in every way. There was an antinational system and the bellicose rhetoric at the media was huge. With my personal statement on behalf of GOLDEN DAWN, I made it clear at the television station of Thessalonica EGNATIA TV and the journalist Mr. Lazarou that all Greeks ought to be present in this rally, without representing a political party, holding a Greek Flag.

They may not like it but the GOLDEN DAWN was warmly welcomed! 

The powers of antinationalism, marxist and liberal, with the statement of Mr. Dendias that the rallies are useless to our national interests, they tried to provoke problems. In this context, parastatal anarchists beat civilians and little children in Thessalonica because they were holding Greek flags (!), while Stalinist ERT was diffusing lies as usual. Of course against Golden Dawn, since the propagandists of ERT and some liberals, annoyed by our presence, kept claiming that the members of Golden Dawn in Thessalonica were…deprecated!

In reality, the opposite happened. They were warmly welcomed and this bothers them. There is no coincidence that the same day, in an assemblage of KKE at southern Greece, the secretary of KKE, Koutsoumpas stated: “We must exclude the nazi criminal Golden Dawn, the admirers of Hitler, of the safety orders, the collaborators of conquerors and dictators”. This assemblage in Thessalonica was very important and apart from indicating the sacred cause it served, the proud stance of Greek People towards the national issue of Macedonia, it also showed that Greeks are still alive. This rally proved that these four decades of the dominance of leftists, in ideological and political level, could not extirpate from the heart of our People the Faith in the Nation!

Konstantinos Tsatsos, December 1975: The dominance of the left side is coming

At this point, it worth noting an article of an important intellectual, with whom Golden Dawn has no political relation, late Konstantinos Tsatsos, who indicated at K. Karamanlis that  this land is going to be dominated by the leftists. In fact, Konstantinos Tsatsos wrote at 1975 the following: “Media are not only leftists. They are also miserable. The newspaper “VIMA” –the most important newspaper- makes a perfect and effective propaganda of the left side. After K. Karamanlis is the biggest political power in our country. This keeps EK-ND. Otherwise, EK-ND would be devastated. It is not directed by its owner. He is oriented towards the directions of his leftist collaborators. In the history of democracies, is a unique exception the power of a newspaper over a political party. In this dreary phenomenon there is no cure. “VIMA” sells the leftism, without being concerned about leading the country to chaos or dictatorship. The newspaper “Kathimerini” could be the counterweight, but it is self-destructed, ignoring 40% of Greek People and searching for customers in the side of leftists…

Unfortunately, Konstantinos Tsatsos was confirmed, and the dominance of the left side is complete in the Media, in the radio, television and during the late years, at the Internet. Neither Karamanlis, nor New Democracy listened back then to Tsatsos and now we experience this dreary situation. They did not listen to him, because they cared only about the power and nothing else. The dominance of marxists is absolute in the media and this is obvious in their stance towards GOLDEN DAWN. We are a political power laic and authentically nationalistic, who fight against the antinationalists and this is why they attack us in every way. However, People awake, the Faith to the Nation is alive and their aspirations shall not pass.

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn