A Call for new strong national Fights from the Regional Organization at Piraeus-Photography

Wednesday, 21 February 2018 - 00:47

At the offices of the Regional Organization at Piraeus took place the event for the New Year and the sanctification of the offices.

In a rigorous ambiance, the Comrades that arrived at the Offices sent the message of new hard national fights.

The Secretary of the organization at Piraeus, Gregory Demetstihas, numbered the actions of the regional organization and promised new actions for the year 2018.

The MP elected in Athens, Eleni Zaroulia, made it clear that with our Leader, Comrade Nikolaos Michaloliakos, Golden Dawn will be victorious!

The MP elected in Piraeus, Nikos Kouzilos, called everyone to be on alert, stressing the fact that Golden Dawn will reveal all the scandals of the rotten political system.

The Deputy of the State, Christos Pappas, noted that the Fights of the Nationalists will continue inside and outside of the Parliament, side by side to Greek People in need.

Last made the speech the Leader of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos, who stated that for the friends of Golden Dawn, these halls are not spacious enough.

He reminded that Golden Dawn from the first moments fights all forces against the sale of our Macedonia, in the town hall at Thessalonica, outside of the ministry of Foreign Affairs to protest against Kotzias, in the assemblage and the march for Imia and at the massive blocks at the great rallies in Thessalonica and Athens.

He also specified that our Comrades were warmly welcomed by the attendants at the Rallies, contrary to other politicians, like Samaras, who were behind bodyguards and were disfavored by the people.

In addition, he warned the thieves and treacherous politicians to be on alert, because Golden Dawn will confront both the thieves and the traitors of the Nation!

Finally, he wished to all Comrades to be strong enough for the upcoming battles. The event ended with the celebration of the New Year.