29th of May 2018: In the Monument of the Unknown Soldier –Article of N.G.Michaloliakos

Monday, 11 June 2018 - 19:50

29th of May 2018: In the Monument of the Unknown Soldier –Article of N.G.Michaloliakos

Article of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos in the national newspaper “Empros”

This year we honored the Memory of the last defenders of our Empire and the martyr Konstantinos Palaeologus, in the Sacred Field of the War Virtue of Greeks, in the center of Athens, the center of the entire country, in Syntagma square, in the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. 

We raised hundreds-honoring the Fallen- Flags, Greek Flags and Imperial Flags with the two-headed eagle. We were present towards the oblivion, against the notion of “we demand nothing”…There was a march. No media saw anything! Here is an excerpt of my brief speech:

"The whole earth is the sepulchre of famous men"

“Greek men and women, this day you are honoring us with your presence in this special ceremony, the only ceremony dedicated to the Fallen of the 29th of May 1453. We are in a sacred field, the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, which is the grave of all of our ancestors who died at 1940 fighting against Italians and Germans, at ‘12 and ‘13, at 1919 and 1922 at Minor Asia. And the inscription in this Monument implies that “the whole earth is the sepulcher if famous men”. 

Yes, here is the grave of all the Brave Men who fell for our Homeland and there is no Cross or name upon their bones. Many anti-Hellenists have defiled this Monument. We are not here in order to desecrate it, but to honor it. This is the reason why many people despise this event, but we did it anyway, thanks to you proud Greek men and women. 

According to Pericles’s Funeral Oration “the whole earth is the sepulcher if famous men”. On the other part “one empty bier is carried of the missing soldiers”. This empty bier is the cenotaph of all the great men of our Nation. In this day, the 29 of May 2018, in the meantime, in Constantinople, our City, the capital of Hellenism, the barbarians celebrate Mohamed the conqueror, who conquered our City…

29th of May 1453, 29th of May 2018. If this was our Greece, the Greece of our dreams, then in all the military camps, our soldiers would honor the dead. In the churches, the bells would mourn for the Great King, the Marble King, who fell in Romanus Gate in the 29th of May. However, the vassals of this Nation are oblivious and demand nothing…Many people wanted to cancel this ceremony, they managed nothing and this is your Victory…

We may fulfil our duty, a duty of Honor, let us Honor the Dead, Konstantinos Palaeologus and his brave men. Immortal!”