24 Years back and we still declared we are Nationalists, no…nazi! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Monday, 27 November 2017 - 22:14

24 Years back and we still declared we are Nationalists, no…nazi! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Since September of 1993 the crown witness of Golden Dawn, Psaras, used to write that we are responsible for… terror actions! 

The last days testified three of the notorious “protected witnesses”, whose testimonies were responsible for my pre-trial detention. But in order to be fair, also because of the testimony of the leftist journalist Psaras, who systematically calumniates GOLDEN DAWN for decades. 

Their testimonies were not profound, yet they served perfectly the conspiracy of Samaras regarding my imprisonment. In order to be accurate, I shall present you an article from the newspaper “GOLDEN DAWN”, published at February of 1993 (24 years ago!) which is included in my book “ENEMIES OF THE ESTABLISHMENT”. In fact, this book will be republished with additional articles, under the name “THE FIRST YEARS” the next weeks. 

Well, in this book, which was written at 1999 and published at 2000, there are all the answers towards the campaigns against Golden Dawn and the calumniations. If you read my articles at 2000 you will understand that these stories of these “witnesses” are really old. 


«At the newspaper “TO VIMA” of the 24th of January, only two weeks after the launching of the newspaper “GOLDEN DAWN”, the famous Richardos Someritis write the article entitled: “How harmless are the vampires?” in which he mentions: “Mr. Plevris teaches the history of the Nation. Mr. Kalenziotis expresses his opinions in radio stations. Mr. Georgalas is the director of the radio stations of Mr. Katsikis, with whom the people are content with our government. A famous far-right politician from Exarcheia makes propaganda through a radio station. The organization Golden Dawn is on the streets and now at the kiosks, with a weekly newspaper with the slogans of racial purity”. 

Of course, Richardos Someritis was not the only one. The publication of our newspaper horrifies the anti-racists and the anti-nationalists, so, at the newspaper “Eleftherotypia” at 17.1.1993, the notorious “Ios” writes: “…the last week the nazi Golden Dawn left her mark on two terror actions” a Molotov bomb at TEL in Patra and the arson of the offices of KKE at Skouze. Few days ago two offices of Synaspismos had been attacked.”

We had answered to the calumniators of the column “Ios”, but of course our answer was never published in their newspaper.


In this book, I also present the answer we sent to the newspaper “Eleftherotypia”. Of course, nowadays Psaras continues his calumniations from another newspaper, called “Efsyn”. 


1st) regarding the word “nazi”. We declare that we are Greek Nationalists. We ignore your calumniations. 

2nd) the responsibility of Golden Dawn for these actions are pure fantasy. Honestly, you are unable to realize that nobody believes you? Is it possible, a legal political party, with the declaration at Arios Pagus, to proceed to illegal actions? In his article, the journalist of this column demand from the minister of public order to close our offices. This last thing makes us suspicious. Few weeks ago another newspaper demanded from the syndicates and the labor unions to close our offices. Now this column demands from the state to close our offices because of these arsons. 

In another article, the same journalists write: “The public confession regarding the arson of political offices does not constitute proof, according to the authorities?” A confession? This is their audacity! Which is exactly this confession, when in their article they write that we sent them FAX with our complaints about their lies? 

Among other things, these journalists were also accusing us of engraving the swastika at the hand of a student at Patra. However, according to the findings of the police department of Patra, this was a clear case of self-injury. However, these findings were never presented in the media! The intentions of these journalists, at the column “Ios” were clear six year ago. With their lies they aspired to criminalize our movement, even by writing about terror attacks!”


As you read above, ever since 1993, the crown witness Psaras, along with the rest pf the journalists of “Ios” and the entire marxist underworld, demanded the criminalization of GOLDEN DAWN! Same goes about an MP of PASOK and minister of Public Order, who, prompted by the alleged “marking” of a student, had requested our persecution. However, this “marking” was nothing but a deception, according to forensic examination. Same goes for another MP of PASOK, who is now disappeared, Mr. Fouras, who had requested with his letter at the Prime Minister Andrea Papandreou our persecution! Afterwards, Andreas Papandreou order the minister of Public Order, Mr. Papathemelis to examine this situation, and after an investigation it became clear that GOLDEN DAWN is not illegal. Of course, there was also Mr. Kounalakis who had requested our persecution in the 90ies. 

All these incidents, the same, again and again, for twenty years, till September of 2013 and the conspiracy of Samaras, which is obvious in the Video of Baltakos. We survived and we still do, towards their persecutions and their calumniations! Our power is our Flag, our Ideas, our Ideals. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary general of People’s Association-Golden Dawn