1919-1922: Documents of the communist treason at the Minor Asia Expedition-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 4 September 2018 - 02:45

Whether we like it or not, during 40ies a massacre took place between Greeks. In as strange way, while Greece stood by the side of the winners in both World Wars, in the end we were devastated than the defeated. In WW1 with Minor Asia destruction and in WW2 with civil war.

Of course, only a crazy man does not believe in the unity of Greek People. However, the unity cannot be fulfilled with the revanchist left side or with the opportunist New Democracy.

Some years ago, in a “progressive” newspaper a reader accused the journalists of the newspaper, because they had made an interview with a historian of Pontic Greek origin, who had revealed the dirty role of the communists during the Minor Asia expedition. The journalist of the newspaper never answered to this reader, since there is this lie nowadays, that every communist is also a patriot.

Of course there are communists who are also patriots, but they better not talk about what happened in Minor Asia. The proof against the communist movement are overwhelming. Communists themselves have confessed this, since they do not think of their actions as wrong! According to the communist newspaper “Rizospastis” at the 12th of July 1935 had written:

“If we were not defeated in Minor Asia, then Turkey would now be dead and we would be the Great Greece. We would base our freedom to the enslavement of Turkish people. Greece invaded in Turkey not as a liberator, but as an imperialistic force of the Englishmen. They aimed to turn Turkey into an anti-Soviet base. This is not the way for the peaceful coexistence of the people of east Europe. The expedition in Minor Asia was against Turkish people and the true interests of Greek People. Well, not only we are not sorry for the disaster at Minor Asia, but we also demanded it”.


However, the red junta in our Homeland and of course ND think it is sinful to claim that Communists were traitors during the Minor Asia expedition.

Regarding this issue, there also official documents, like the report of Commander of the Army in Minor Asia, Stylianos Gonatas, according to which communists used to poison the ideals of Greek soldiers. Also, the Soviet Union offered great funds at Kemal. Nothing but details…But let us see what was written in the newspaper “Estia” at Tuesday November 5 at 2002:

“In the current submit of the Military Court, Commander Mr. Panagakos testified that they implied hard punishments to the deserters of the army, because the salvation of the families and the injured was the priority. 

Judge: which are the reason according to you for this phenomenon? The desertion of the army?

Witness: this situation is the result of the weariness, the duration of this expedition, the newspapers, the fights between the officers, but above everything, the communism. According to multiple interrogations, the center of communism was Uşak. Well, the enemies used to send in our army communist leaflets to break the spirit of our soldiers.”

All these are history and we could say even more regarding the stance of the communistic movement in the issues of Macedonia, Thrace and Northern Epirus. However, the suzerains of our Homeland want to jeep this history unknown to Greek people and especially the young Greeks. Because then, people will understand who are the real patriots, the people who care about our national issues. Golden Dawn will fight for the revelation of true History.

Everyone should be informed about the traitors of our Nation, and also the fighters and the Heroes. 

We live in the era of the absolute lie, in the era where school books change, where they neglect the Heroes of our Nation and honor the murderers and the traitors! We have to resist to this spiritual tyranny. This is our first duty as Greeks and as Nationalists. 


Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn