A whole system failed to “finish” the Golden Dawn of the Greeks! - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

Thursday, 21 February 2019 - 22:11

A whole system failed to “finish” the Golden Dawn of the Greeks! - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

Everyone now admits that GOLDEN DAWN is the third political power of the country, with a vast difference from the others! After a number of false polls that ignored the political reality, the results of the last few weeks have come, being anticipated by an entire system seeking to confirm that it managed to bend GOLDEN DAWN, a bet that they have overwhelmingly lost!

It was the attitude of a whole Movement inside the Parliament, but also in the squares, which showed to the People that there is a political force that cannot be stopped by the crows that dominate our country.

The struggle of the regime to make the PASOK of Tsochatzopoulos and Papantoniou the third pole of the political life of the country, failed. Also, the various political parties that serve as barriers and are being presented at times as the political forces that will replace GOLDEN DAWN in the political map, have failed and they continue to fail!

Τhe whole effort of the "pimps", the small and the big “pimps”, to give them seats in the TV shows and allow them plenty of television time was in vain. A large part of our people is no longer "TV-addicted", and in addition there is also the youth that does not care about the TV shows, but quite the opposite. They understand who go to these shows and why they do so ... Thus, GOLDEN DAWN is now the second party for the youth; the Greeks aged 17 to 34, with a percentage of 15.9%, passing in front of SYRIZA and approaching ND! And all this happened in completely adverse conditions and within a completely hostile climate.

The war of SYRIZA was a continuation of the war of N.D. against us, but it was much worse on many issues. During the governance of SYRIZA we were completely excluded from the media, and there were many more counter-gatherings from government-friendly partisan gangs of anarcho-communists. In a city of nearly five million people, in the climate of red terrorism, there is not even a hotel willing to give a hall to GOLDEN DAWN in order to hold a political rally!

And then the party henchmen of ND and the fake patriots, who aspire to be a barrier for GOLDEN DAWN, say that SYRIZA supports GOLDEN DAWN! And they say this, while SYRIZA supports them by giving them every possible help for their existence and for their fight against us...

A genuine People's Movement, authentically Nationalistic, which is definitely more relevant to the "popular right" than the ND of Dendias and Tatsopoulos, moves on, giving a wonderful fight.

Which other party would be able to stand up and even rise up when it is six years without funding and blocked by the media? We have proven and will continue to prove that the GOLDEN DAWN of the Greeks was not born due to the circumstances; it is not a temporary phenomenon, but a Movement with deep roots in history, while the future belongs to it!

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
General Secretary of People’s League – Golden Dawn