The entire event in the Honor and Memory of the defenders in Thermopylae-VIDEO
Wednesday, 7 September2016 - 02:52

The Greek Nationalists raised once again the national flags and the flags with the meander, aspiring to show to all

“Molon Labe”: A vow from thousand Greek Nationalists on the Memorial of Leonidas-photos, video
Wednesday, 7 September2016 - 02:41

Thousand Greek Nationalists from every corner of Greece assembled once again at Memorial in Thermopylae, at the Statue of Leonidas,

N. G. Michaloliakos: Do not misinterpret History-Greeks can only be born-They can’t derive from the schools!
Thursday, 1 September2016 - 01:28

The Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn affronted the Minister for Education, Filis, for the submitted in the Greek Parliament

Television licenses:  The intertwined leaders of the channels are powerful even with the government of SYRIZA
Thursday, 1 September2016 - 01:26

The intertwined leaders of the channels who plunder the public money for decades remain powerful despite the fake shows of

Addressing the torpor of the masses, the main objective of the Nationalists
Saturday, 27 August2016 - 19:31

In the year 2016, in the month of August; one would expect to see a people in ferment, or at

The “disastrous and hated of the God mob…” replies to Kostas Zouraris-Article of N. G. MIchaloliakos
Friday, 26 August2016 - 21:36

At 4th of August 2016 a momentous vote took place in the Greek Parliament. The vast majority of the MPs

Regarding the prosecution of the former director of ELSTAT, Georgiou and the foreign interventions
Friday, 26 August2016 - 02:30

The international loan sharks command their subordinates, Tsipras-Kammenos, aiming to get away with Georgiou, formerly in ELSTAT (Hellenic Statistical Authority),

Statement of Golden Dawn for the auction of the television licenses
Thursday, 25 August2016 - 13:01

SYRIZA perpetuates the interdependence and constructs behind closed doors his own entangled systems, where the only victims are the Greek

Regarding the business of SYRIZA over the meals for the illegal immigrants
Wednesday, 24 August2016 - 18:24

The crooks of SYRIZA, while they pretend to be humanitarians, in reality they have developed an entire business and have

Malaria, along with other forgotten illnesses re-emerge because of the illegal immigration
Monday, 22 August2016 - 15:46

The irrational governance of Tsipras, supported by ND and the rest “Memorandum political establishment”, has leaded to the reemerging of

The islamic threat approaches a decayed Europe-Article of N. G. Michaloliakos
Friday, 19 August2016 - 18:28

The revenge of the “believers” against a society without belief A 33 year old Algerian was the perpetrator of the

The MPs of Golden Dawn honored the Assumption in Sumela Monastery
Wednesday, 17 August2016 - 13:20

A unit of Golden Dawn, consisted from the MP elected in Pella, Ioannis Sahinidis and the MP elected in Boeotia,

Many Happy Returns to all the Greeks
Wednesday, 17 August2016 - 02:58

The Holy Mother of Greeks, the Invincible Champion, let be the guide in our beautiful and sacred Fight for the

For the heroic Greek firefighter who died in the line of duty
Wednesday, 17 August2016 - 02:57

The heroism of the 43 year old compatriot, who died in the line of duty, during the unfair fight with

SYRIZA prepares a new system of convolutedness, regarding the television licenses
Wednesday, 17 August2016 - 02:57

SYRIZA serves the entangled owners of television channels and will finally offer more licenses, building his own system of convolutedness,

The operation of Sümela Monastery is indispensable
Wednesday, 17 August2016 - 02:56

The puppets of Erdogan, Tsipras, Mitsotakis and their court, while they build an islamic mosque in Athens, they do not

Golden Dawn sends a message of congratulations to the Greek Olympic Champion Anna Korakaki
Wednesday, 17 August2016 - 02:15

Golden Dawn congratulates the Greek champion Anna Korakaki for the win of the gold medal at the shooting competition. Our

Thursday, 11 August2016 - 04:30

In dynamic fashion, Golden Dawn answered to the attempted Islamization by SYRIZA of Greece. With the start of the discussion

Golden Dawn’s statement about the possible elections
Monday, 8 August2016 - 21:04

The political parties, Syriza and ND, are responsible of the Memorandum, and they do not dare to confront the relentless

Golden Dawn’s statement about the supporters of the terrorists, members of the political party of Syriza
Monday, 8 August2016 - 21:02

Syriza is the matrix of terrorism, its ministers and MPs fight for the rights of criminals and assassins. The same