Statement about the conquest of the University in Thessaloniki: Only the Golden Dawn can suppress the criminal groups of the extreme left who prey on the Greek Universities
Wednesday, 20 July2016 - 18:41

The occupations, the riot and the felonies in Greek Universities have become an institution from the governments of the political

Statement About Unrest in Turkey: Weakness and Division of the Enemy Benefits Greece.
Wednesday, 20 July2016 - 14:59

Over the course of last night all parties and TV channels were fanatical followers of Erdogan, forgetting that the Turks,

Wednesday, 20 July2016 - 14:31

The General Secretary of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn, N. G. Michaloliakos said to the peristyle of the Parliament

Syriza writes off the Siemens scandal following the orders of the german economic oligarchy
Monday, 18 July2016 - 01:59

During the governance of Syriza, the wretched non-judicial settlement, incited by Stournaras, was legalized, while now the greatest scandal, since

Friday, 15 July2016 - 20:33

Incited by the recent terrorist assault of jihadists, causing multiple fatalities, the spokesperson of Golden Dawn, proceeded to the following

Reply to the interview of Tsipras at SKAI
Friday, 15 July2016 - 20:31

Dangerous Tsipras is a worthy successor of the devastating actions of ND-PASOK, since he sells off the wealth of Greece

Golden Dawn: Their main concern! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos
Tuesday, 12 July2016 - 16:41

Why ND does not wish for power-sharing with SYRIZA? In order to prevent the GOLDEN DAWN from becoming the opposition!

Stay away from Thrace! The crowded event at Xanthi for the issue of Pomaks and the establishment of Farming Association
Tuesday, 12 July2016 - 16:14

The event of the National Memory Commission that took place in Xanthi regarding the situation of the Pomaks and the

Not A Word from the Media Pimps About Skourletis’ Son: The Entangled Forces Support SYRIZA’s Gang
Monday, 11 July2016 - 15:22

​Five days have passed since the terrorist attack on the offices of the Popular Association, where the darling son of the

Anti-Hellenic Para-State Exposed: The Son of Minister Panos Skourletis Arrested in Connection to the Attack on Golden Dawn Office
Monday, 11 July2016 - 15:21

The longstanding ties between the State and the minions of the anti-Hellenic Para-State were revealed today with the circulation of

Announcement of Golden Dawn about the back plan of the political party SYRIZA
Friday, 8 July2016 - 11:56

The only back plan of the political party Syriza was and remains the continuation of the disastrous policy of Memorandum

Tuesday, 5 July2016 - 16:43

The representative of Press of the Golden Dawn made the following statement about the media licensing process: "The interweaving of

Tuesday, 5 July2016 - 10:51

Comrade Ilias Kasidiaris referred to the turmoil of the political system, provoked by the impact of Golden Dawn to the

Monday, 4 July2016 - 18:13

The crowded event of Europa Terra Nostra regarding the youth unemployment was completely successful. The events organized by the Nationalists

N. G. Michaloliakos: SYRIZA and ND sell off the greatest port of this country for 311 million euros!
Saturday, 2 July2016 - 10:31

The Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn, N. G. Michaloliakos condemned in his speech at the Plenary Session the selling-out

Friday, 1 July2016 - 10:17

The parliamentary representative of the Golden Dawn, Christos Pappas placed in plenary on amendments to the Rules of the House.

The event of A.I.G.I.S. regarding the new enlightening editions of the Institution, was a complete success
Wednesday, 29 June2016 - 18:01

Throngs of people took part in the event of the Independent Institution of Geopolitical and Historical Studies, A.I. G.I.S., aiming

No compromises for Macedonia! Greek Nationalists sent a fighting message to the traitors throughout the world
Tuesday, 28 June2016 - 10:46

The event that took place in Thessalonica for the Hellenic Identity of Macedonia was a total success. The event was

Statement of N. G. Michaloliakos about the result of the referendum in Great Britain
Friday, 24 June2016 - 17:19

Golden Dawn salutes the Victory of the National and Patriotic forces in Great Britain against the European Union, who has

Statement about the Memorandum’s celebrators of Mr. Andreas Papandreou
Friday, 24 June2016 - 17:18

The destructive work of Mr. Andreas Papandreou is continuing by the Memorandum’s celebrators, who sell out our homeland to the