What’s With The Games, International Money Lenders?
Friday, 2 January2015 - 17:35

Immediately after the bombshell of new elections in Greece,  the IMF has withdrawn “aid” or discussion with Greece until a

Ilias Panagiotaros: Our Condolences to the Family Members of Those Tragically Lost on the Ship “Norman Atlantic”
Wednesday, 31 December2014 - 02:24

My condolences to the relatives of for those tragically lost in the fire, onboard the ship “Norman Atlantic”. Unfortunately, this

VIDEO: Samaras Goes Psycho and Begs for Salvation: “It’s either Stavros Dimas or Golden Dawn”
Sunday, 28 December2014 - 05:07

In the last weeks, the Government of Samaras has failed the first 2 of 3 of attempts to collect enough

“Dogiakos Gate II: Return of “Panathinaikakia” – Movie review by Ilias Kasidiaris
Friday, 26 December2014 - 21:57

The dialogue of the Sequel: 20/12 – “Tell big Panathinaikakia, to fuck whoever plays Chaikalis’ CD” – 21/12 – “Tell

Answer in reply from Nicolas G. Michaloliakos to the statement of Memorandum-friendly Greek presidential candidate, S. Dimas
Friday, 26 December2014 - 11:56

I was surprised to learn of the statement of the candidate for the presidency of the Greek Republic, Stavros Dimas,

Golden Dawn Wishes You A Merry Christmas
Thursday, 25 December2014 - 14:27

Golden Dawn New York would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Καλά Χριστούγεννα! To all our supporters both

Better to have the Drachma than slavery! – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos
Thursday, 25 December2014 - 14:09

May the propaganda of the those usurious bankers not prevail Freedom, Freedom, how your crown tears and bites at your heavens

Statements by Golden Dawn Members at Holiday Food Distribution - VIDEO
Tuesday, 23 December2014 - 17:35

During the course of the holiday food distribution comrades Ilias Panagiotaros, Giannis Vouldis, and Lambros Fountoulis, father of our immortal

Golden Dawn Joins Nationalists In Forza Nuova Hosted Conference In Milan
Tuesday, 23 December2014 - 14:16

On Saturday December 20th, an impressively large conference in Milan took place in defiance of attempts at disruption by members

Ilias Kasidiaris: Samaras needs to go to prison! – VIDEO
Sunday, 21 December2014 - 09:34

In today’s vote for the election of the President of the Hellenic Republic, which turned out to be a “Waterloo”

Golden Dawn united as one: A message during this struggle in view of upcoming Greek elections – a photojournalistic report
Sunday, 21 December2014 - 03:17

The whole Greek media/journalistic establishment hit the ground running today for a photo of the Parliamentary Group of Golden Dawn

Scheming Samaras is keeping us in jail illegally without any evidence
Sunday, 21 December2014 - 02:54

Fellow member of Greek Parliament  Panagiotis Iliopoulos spoke to Thessalia s TRT channel from the cells of honor where he

To Another Nationalist Victory! – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos
Saturday, 20 December2014 - 19:14

Article by the General Secretary of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos in newspaper “Empros” The hastening of the voting for

The guilty silence of a criminal regime: Article by Ilias Kasidiaris
Friday, 19 December2014 - 03:38

In any country on earth, even in the banana-republics of sub-Saharan Africa a revelation like the one made yesterday, would

Golden Dawn: Double Referendum on the memorandums and the Greek debt – Commentary article by Ilias Kasidiaris
Friday, 19 December2014 - 03:33

The fear of a Grexit is non-existent because such a thing is not provided for by the very structure of

Golden Dawn MPs:  “We’ll come to Parliament even in cuffs in order to vote down that Memorandum-friendly candidate for President of the Republic.”
Thursday, 18 December2014 - 21:10

As it was made know just a short while ago, the leader of Golden Dawn, Nickolas G. Mihaloliakos, along with

Thursday, 18 December2014 - 14:59

The new memorandum isn't going to be a."memorandum" The elements of the government that exists in our country are starting

THE HEAD PROSECUTOR SHOULD INTERVENE: Karolos Papoulias possesses an illegal G3A3 military rifle – Shocking photographic proof!
Wednesday, 17 December2014 - 16:57

We will not speak in regards to equal rights, since our co-combatant Ilias Kasidiaris finds himself in prison for possession

The fall of New Democracy: Down with the Samaras Junta!
Wednesday, 17 December2014 - 13:56

A year was all it took to break down New Democracy under the weight of all their serious crimes against

Ilias Panagiotaros: “Samaras won’t fuck Golden Dawn! You’re finished!”
Tuesday, 16 December2014 - 21:56

The political stooges and their journalist lackeys act shocked at Panagiotaros’ barrage in parliament. The ones who act is if