Friday, 1 May2015 - 13:20

When one of the prominent representatives of the journalistic class expresses the need even the last moment to find the

Spares: With these ridiculous arguments these schemers will go to trial – Golden Dawn does not have the presumption of innocence! VIDEO
Friday, 1 May2015 - 13:15

We have often written that the Greek journalist Dimitris Psaras is at least passionate and, therefore, can pretend to be

Tuesday, 28 April2015 - 17:01

“SYRIZA is robbing hospitals, universities, and the Greek people to pay in perpetuity the IMF and the foreign usurers.  Don’t

Thursday, 23 April2015 - 16:23

Andreas Giallourides is an accredited Parliamentary Assistant in the European Parliament for Popular Association Golden Dawn. Here he refutes the

Thursday, 23 April2015 - 13:00

Press conference was organized in the European Parliament by the MEPs of the Popular Association – Golden Dawn on the

Thursday, 23 April2015 - 12:57

When one of the prominent representatives of the journalistic class expresses the need even at the last moment to find

Tuesday, 21 April2015 - 16:15

Α declaration at the Reuters agency made the elected in the Thessaloniki region parliament member of the Golden Dawn  Mr

Tuesday, 21 April2015 - 16:05

Since this morning hundreds of Golden Dawn supporters, family, and ordinary people gathered spontaneously without any kind of mobilization, outside

Monday, 20 April2015 - 22:55

The Secretary General of the People's Federation of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G.. Michaloliakos stated on the forthcoming trial: "On Monday,

Saturday, 18 April2015 - 16:19

Parliament member of the second region of Piraeus John Lagos was placed in the house plenary as a parliamentary representative for

Wednesday, 8 April2015 - 03:52

Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos spoke at the Plenary of the Parliament about the negotiations between the coalition government and

Slogans and memorabilia of the Special Forces – Article by Ilias Kasidiaris
Thursday, 2 April2015 - 11:41

“And our dream is to go to Polis to raise the Flag to sing the Hymn” I heard this slogan

Speeches of Golden Dawn European Parliament members at the International Patriotic Forum in Russia
Thursday, 2 April2015 - 11:38

Watch the speeches of the GD's  European parliament members, general George Epitidios and general Elefterios Synadinos at the international patriotic

Thursday, 2 April2015 - 11:34

The Secretary General of the Popular Association – Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos spoke at the Plenary of the Parliament

Thursday, 2 April2015 - 11:18

What Golden Dawn repeatedly says about this issue of illegal immigration in Greece–which of course the media pimps characterize as

Tuesday, 31 March2015 - 23:41

Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, gave an interview on everything under the sun to SigmaLive in our  fellow-Hellenic

Christos Papas released from prison – Honors the memory of fallen allies George Foundoulis and Manolis Kapelonis  |  2 VIDEOS
Tuesday, 31 March2015 - 16:06

"The truth will come shining through–Golden Dawn will be vindicated.” After 18 months of illegal confinement, Golden Dawn parliament representative

Monday, 30 March2015 - 14:09

Fellow Fighter P. Iliopoulos talked to the TRT Thessaly about the latest judicial developments in the case of the Golden

Giannis Lagos, “Golden Dawn will continue to fight for Greece and for Greeks”
Sunday, 29 March2015 - 18:57

The agonist and parliament member of the 2nd region of Piraeus John Lagos spoke on the radio station 'radio gamma'

Venizelos is a defence witness of the Golden Dawn, “There is no overall responsibility of the political parties he said”
Saturday, 28 March2015 - 13:43

After one and a half years of the most peculiar omerta which it was imposed by the junta of Samaras