Systemic professor Mazower: If SYRIZA fails, Golden Dawn will come to dispel us!
Friday, 6 February2015 - 18:08

Article by Athanasios Vasilopoulos It is generally accepted that if (and will) SYRIZA fails, the time will come for the

Imia 2015: Nationalists Greeks send a message of struggle to the schemers and ethno-nihilists
Friday, 6 February2015 - 00:13

Within a few days with all the adverse conditions and the prohibitions, the Greek people showed clear and irrefutably twice

The Greek national opposition against the ΤΡΟΙΚΑ Memorandums and ethno–nihilism - A message from N. C. Michaloliakos
Friday, 6 February2015 - 00:11

Article by Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nicholas C. Michaloliakos from the Greek newspaper "Empros" ("Forward") The elections are over

Thursday, 5 February2015 - 23:10

Fireworks or foreign policy?  by Ilias Kasidiaris The first move of the Syriza government in the geostrategic chessboard can be

Monday, 2 February2015 - 16:28

The leader of the third political force of the country, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, spoke on the web broadcast of the Golden

A perfect match for Mr. Nobody as candidate for the position of an absolute “Good-for-nothing” – The political jam for the dead Right
Sunday, 1 February2015 - 16:21

Every indication shows that the candidacy of Dimitris Avramopoulos for President of the Greek Republic has been “locked in.”  As

Τhe Revolution Is Over ! Varoufakis: “We shall continue the privatizations”
Saturday, 31 January2015 - 19:18

One of the first announcements of the SYRIZA/Independent Greeks  “SANEL” government was to follow Golden Dawn’s line, meaning to stop

Meet Tsipras’ Minister of Infrastructure, the Tycoons’ and Usurers’ Man
Friday, 30 January2015 - 00:37

After a several hours of delays and a host of consultations, the new SANEL (SYRIZA and Independent Greeks) coalition government

Hail Victory of the Golden Dawn – Article by Ilias Kasidiaris
Thursday, 29 January2015 - 23:38

“Did I win or lose? The only thing I know is this: I am full of wounds and still standing

These are the 17 MPs Elected with Golden Dawn
Thursday, 29 January2015 - 00:58

Golden Dawn achieved a proud victory against all odds, political persecutions, silence, and the system’s terrorism. With results stand as

Wednesday, 28 January2015 - 00:56

One week after the current electoral triumph, Greek Nationalists return to the perpetual Fight in favor of the National Memory.

Tuesday, 27 January2015 - 11:14

Golden Dawn New York Just Completed our translation of Nikos Michaloliakos’ recorded speech today.  We request that you spread this

Statement of the Secretary General of Golden Dawn on the Greek election results
Tuesday, 27 January2015 - 00:41

The Golden Dawn would like to warmly thank the hundreds of thousands of proud Greek men and women who stood

The election triumph of Golden Dawn justified the immortal fellow members and the persecuted Golden Dawn parliament members
Sunday, 25 January2015 - 00:42

This election campaign finished in which Golden Dawn was found to be a winner in every aspect.   In a

Thursday, 22 January2015 - 02:32

Comrade Kostas Alexandrakis, candidate with the Popular Association – Golden Dawn in the Attica region, spoke with ANT1 about the

The Evros River Fence, Samaras and the Golden Dawn. article by Nikolaos Michaloliakos
Monday, 19 January2015 - 03:47

How it is possible that in every election period Antonis Samaras suddenly remembers the illegal immigrants? What lies behind this kind

Golden Dawns Program for a Free and Powerful Nation.
Monday, 19 January2015 - 03:42

Golden Dawn is the only political party with clear positions and concrete proposals. Οur task is to regain our national independence,

Golden Dawn’s position on the educational sector in Greece
Monday, 19 January2015 - 03:33

The educational sector for many years has been a field of experimentation, conflicts of interest, a hatching of impotent individuals,

N.G. Michaloliakos:  Golden Dawn Will Be the Third Place Party Despite the Political Persecution
Wednesday, 14 January2015 - 03:19

Golden Dawn will be the third place party whether they like it or not, and she could have come in