We want Justice and the Truth to shine – Article by N. G. Michaloliakos
Friday, 1 May2015 - 19:31

This text is written on Sunday, April 19, 2015, one day before the start of a trial in which I

Tsipras is following on the same steps with Samaras when he is withdrawing all the available financial resources of the country
Friday, 1 May2015 - 14:12

Government's decision to implements a legislative act for the seizure of the public money, shows that Syriza walking at the

Friday, 1 May2015 - 13:20

When one of the prominent representatives of the journalistic class expresses the need even the last moment to find the

Spares: With these ridiculous arguments these schemers will go to trial – Golden Dawn does not have the presumption of innocence! VIDEO
Friday, 1 May2015 - 13:15

We have often written that the Greek journalist Dimitris Psaras is at least passionate and, therefore, can pretend to be

Tuesday, 28 April2015 - 17:01

“SYRIZA is robbing hospitals, universities, and the Greek people to pay in perpetuity the IMF and the foreign usurers.  Don’t

Thursday, 23 April2015 - 16:23

Andreas Giallourides is an accredited Parliamentary Assistant in the European Parliament for Popular Association Golden Dawn. Here he refutes the

Thursday, 23 April2015 - 13:00

Press conference was organized in the European Parliament by the MEPs of the Popular Association – Golden Dawn on the

Thursday, 23 April2015 - 12:57

When one of the prominent representatives of the journalistic class expresses the need even at the last moment to find

Tuesday, 21 April2015 - 16:15

Α declaration at the Reuters agency made the elected in the Thessaloniki region parliament member of the Golden Dawn  Mr

Tuesday, 21 April2015 - 16:05

Since this morning hundreds of Golden Dawn supporters, family, and ordinary people gathered spontaneously without any kind of mobilization, outside

Monday, 20 April2015 - 22:55

The Secretary General of the People's Federation of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G.. Michaloliakos stated on the forthcoming trial: "On Monday,

Saturday, 18 April2015 - 16:19

Parliament member of the second region of Piraeus John Lagos was placed in the house plenary as a parliamentary representative for

Wednesday, 8 April2015 - 03:52

Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos spoke at the Plenary of the Parliament about the negotiations between the coalition government and

Slogans and memorabilia of the Special Forces – Article by Ilias Kasidiaris
Thursday, 2 April2015 - 11:41

“And our dream is to go to Polis to raise the Flag to sing the Hymn” I heard this slogan

Speeches of Golden Dawn European Parliament members at the International Patriotic Forum in Russia
Thursday, 2 April2015 - 11:38

Watch the speeches of the GD's  European parliament members, general George Epitidios and general Elefterios Synadinos at the international patriotic

Thursday, 2 April2015 - 11:34

The Secretary General of the Popular Association – Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos spoke at the Plenary of the Parliament

Thursday, 2 April2015 - 11:18

What Golden Dawn repeatedly says about this issue of illegal immigration in Greece–which of course the media pimps characterize as

Tuesday, 31 March2015 - 23:41

Secretary General of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, gave an interview on everything under the sun to SigmaLive in our  fellow-Hellenic

Christos Papas released from prison – Honors the memory of fallen allies George Foundoulis and Manolis Kapelonis  |  2 VIDEOS
Tuesday, 31 March2015 - 16:06

"The truth will come shining through–Golden Dawn will be vindicated.” After 18 months of illegal confinement, Golden Dawn parliament representative

Monday, 30 March2015 - 14:09

Fellow Fighter P. Iliopoulos talked to the TRT Thessaly about the latest judicial developments in the case of the Golden