The dictatorship of the ignorant, the stupid and the corrupted is here! Article of N. G. Michaloliakos
Friday, 24 March2017 - 21:31

“Lew idees modernes, the modern civilization with its mason, its philanthropy, its solidarity, its parliamentarism, conspire against us” ION DRAGOUMIS

Friday, 24 March2017 - 18:16

The General Secretary of the Popular Association - Golden Dawn appeared as a guest on the show “Interventions” on the

Message of Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos for the anniversary of the National revolution of Greeks
Friday, 24 March2017 - 18:15

I wish for the 25th of March and it's great message to be a bright landmark for all Greek men and

The evaluation will conclude with the enactment of new destructive measures
Friday, 24 March2017 - 18:14

The evaluation will conclude with the adoption of new destructive measures, pension cuts, tax free under 6,000 euros and a

The Illegal Immigration Flows are Increasing Again – Over 330 Arrived in Chios and Lesbos in the Past 48 Hours
Friday, 24 March2017 - 11:13

The weather hasn’t even had chance to change yet and the illegal immigration flows have already begun increasing.   Of

Press Release about the attack in London
Thursday, 23 March2017 - 20:30

The open border policy and the myth of a multicultural society is causing the carnage of innocent victims and the

Thursday, 23 March2017 - 20:30

The open border policy and the myth of a multicultural society is causing the carnage of innocent victims and the

Wednesday, 22 March2017 - 17:42

Tsipras will impose the measures and Mitsotakis will apply them: Syriza and ND are the two sides of the same

Tuesday, 21 March2017 - 21:47

Tsipras and Tsakalotos have become the puppets of the lenders, are conducted and carried by the foreign powers seeking the

The government aspires strikes at the army and the police! Silence from Panos Kammenos
Monday, 20 March2017 - 23:16

The questionnaire of the Commission of Dialogue for the Constitutional revision has been published.  Among the posed questions is the

The plans for the great Albania proceed with the blessings of Tsipras and Kammenos
Monday, 20 March2017 - 23:14

The threat for Greece does not derive exclusively from the East, from Turkey, but also from northwest, where the plans

“You are born Greek-You do not become one” Article of N. G. Michaloliakos
Monday, 20 March2017 - 23:10

According to an enquiry published at “Kathimerini”: 47, 2% of the participants answered that the Greek identity is a matter

The Albanian propaganda, the Greeks Arvanites and the “Field of Greeks” at Sicily-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos
Monday, 20 March2017 - 15:09

THE TWO-HEADED EAGLE, SKANDERBEG AND THE ALBANIANS  Those who barely know the History of the Nations of the Aimos Peninsula,

Friday, 17 March2017 - 23:00

Golden Dawn is in favor of the examination committee about the expenditures in the health sector, which have the “odor”

Greek People say NO to the Europe of usurers-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos
Friday, 17 March2017 - 16:52

The results of a political enquiry published by the newspaper KATHIMERIRINI are extremely upsetting for all those obsessed with the

Thursday, 16 March2017 - 22:53

The General Secretary of Golden Dawn, Nicholas G. Michaloliakos, made a telephone interview on the television ThrakiNET, where he commented

That’s the reason the mud from the media cannot touch Golden Dawn-Article of N.G. Michaloliakos
Thursday, 16 March2017 - 22:41

People do not believe in them! Only the 7% of people believe that the media in Greece are truly independent.

The international establishment is astonished by the Greek Nationalists-“The Independent”: Golden Dawn is the third political power with a share of 10%!
Thursday, 16 March2017 - 00:31

The global media write the truth that remains hidden by the journalists and the pollsters of this country: Golden Dawn

Wednesday, 15 March2017 - 11:54

On the occasion of the International Day of Women, the MP of Athens B’, Helen Zaroulias, delivered a speech in

The dialog of a poet with a statue-From Greece of 1907 to Greece of 2017! Article of N.G. Michaloliakos
Tuesday, 14 March2017 - 20:20

We are in Greece, at 1907, only ten years after the humiliating defeat at the Greco-Turkish war of 1897 and